How To Turn Your Autographed Book Into An Awesome Framed Wall Display

How To Turn Your Autographed Book Into An Awesome Framed Wall Display

Collectors have appreciated autographed books for almost as long as books have been around. Owning a celebrity author's signed book is a great way to personally connect with entertainment or cultural figures. In turn, autographing books allows celebrity authors to establish a personal connection with their fans. This personal touch can deepen the bond between the author and the reader, creating a more meaningful and lasting connection.

A book page autograph is usually the best representation of a celebrity's actual signature as they often take more time to sign books (as opposed to less legible versions of their signatures which are often given quickly at events). That reason alone makes a valuable book page autograph ideal to remove, custom mat, and frame - protecting the signature. 

Book page autographs are also ideal to collect because book page paper possesses certain attributes that make it stand out in terms of ink absorption, longevity, and overall print quality. High-quality fibers are often used in the production of first edition book page paper. The use of premium fibers also enhances the paper's ability to hold ink effectively. Acid-free paper is less prone to yellowing and deterioration over time, ensuring that the ink remains vibrant and archival.

Lately, a new trend has emerged where collectors have decided to remove that signed page from the book - to protect and display it. If you're thinking of turning a signed page from a book you own. Here are the steps we suggest to end up with an awesome (and often valuable) framed piece of signature art on your wall.

Creating a framed display starts with cutting the signature page from the book. If you haven't done that before - it's very easy and we've made a video to help out. The most important thing to remember when cutting a book page - do not use scissors but a sharp blade or craft knife.

As for mounting your signature page once you've received the mat. We recommend a simple piece of acid-free tape that is included with the mat. If you want to mount your signature page adhesive-free, we suggest clear photo corners. 

Once you have the signed page cleanly cut from the book it's start to think about what custom designed mat you want to compliment that signature. All our mats are made OPEN, in that they open and close like a book so it's super easy to mount your signature page and be ready for framing in minutes.

If you're ordering a frame online you want to match the size of the frame to the mat. So if you've received a 12x16 inch mat from us - you'll want to order a 12x16 inch frame. Just remember to order a frame that is thick enough to take a double matted picture.

Autographed books often hold special value for collectors and fans. The signature adds a unique and personalized element to the book, making it a coveted item for those who appreciate the author's work. Autographed copies can become cherished possessions and valuable memorabilia and turning that signature page into a framed display is also fun.